Restrictions on public gatherings are easing significantly

Our friends at Bicycle New South Wales have just informed us that the restrictions on public gatherings are easing significantly. From now we can safely hold our rides and events provided the safety precautions listed below are adhered to. Molly will be advising of the date for her 'Walk in Sydney Park', and in July we have the Salt Pan Creek Trail for cyclists. Check the Meetup page for details.
Keep safe,

Hi ARTcycle,

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, we hope ARTcycle are enjoying group rides again.

In exciting news, from tomorrow (June 13), groups of 20 will be allowed for non-contact training activities in NSW under the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Riding in groups of 10 has been allowed since May 15, but this further increase will be exciting information for many.

What does this mean for ARTcycle?

  • You are allowed to exercise in groups of up to 20 in NSW, provided you are following physical distancing.
  • Follow physical distancing protocols of staying 1.5 meters apart from anyone who does not live in your household. This includes whenever you are riding you must ensure to keep physical distancing when stopping at traffic lights, on narrow streets, overtaking other riders etc.
  • Stay home if unwell or have any flu like symptoms (cold, fever, running nose, cough)
  • No 'bush hankies' instead of a tissue when out on a ride

In order to help you through this challenging time, Bicycle NSW has whole page of resources available and we're always just a phone call away.

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